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Mothercare 4-Position Carrier RM100

mothercare 4 position carrier

rm 100
sold out

Product information
Offers 4 positions including nursing position for discreet feeding- perfect for an active breast feeding mum!

* 4-position carrier: baby faces you from birth (from 3.5kg), baby faces outwards (from 3mths), baby rides piggy-back style(from 3 mths), or lies in the nursing position for discreet feeding
* Suitable from birth to 12kg
* Gel padded strap - your little one will keep growing heavier, but our unique gel filled ventilated shoulder strap ensures that you'll always stay comfortable
* Sophisticated support - a special ergonomic design spreads the weight across your back, front and shoulders, improving your balance and comfort
* Simple expansion - our unique zip-pull adjusters let you easily expand your carrier to suit your growing baby
* Removable liner
*Comfort cushioned with special padding on the inner seat and leg and arm hole to give baby a comfy, cosy ride
* Easy flat opening - hassle free design makes it simple to put your baby into the carrier
* Easy adjust straps - for a snug, comfy fit everytime
* Machine washable
* Only Available In Red Colou

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